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Project 2118 ....... Ghana

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The project:

In the village of Karni-Vumoh, Ghana, drilling of a well, installation of a manual hand pump and a curbstone.
This project, at a total cost of $ 13,500.00, will provide more than 2 000 beneficiaries with clean drinking water.

The request:

From: Sister Janis Gbiel MM
To: Fondation Coup de Coeur

Dear Jean and Fatima 

I appeal to you again for an urgent need for water in Ghana.

Here is the situation:
The source of water for the people in Karni-Vumoh is a river. This river flows only when it rains   heavily  and during the rainy season.   It remains stagnant during the dry season. Attached is a picture showing women and children of Karni-Vumoh fetching water for consumption in their homes. This water as you can see is surely unclean because all kinds of creatures live in it, the people walk in to it with their dirty feet, when the human beings are gone the animals ( goats, sheep, etc.), will also come and drink from it. This river is in the open air, not protected in any way. So when it rains the water washes the dirty soil in to the river. This unsafe water is sued as it is for cooking and drinking without purifying it.  Such unsafe water carry viruses and parasitic organisms which invisibly contaminate the water and cause life-threatening water borne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, etc. These and other diseases are cause of premature deaths in this community. Portable water will bring good and will also save many lives.

We would appreciate if you join our efforts financially and help this community in dire need.

Sister Janis Gbiel,
The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM)



Number of beneficiaries 2000
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC)  601 319
Total project cost $ 13,500.00
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary $ 11,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 2,000.00