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Jean Gagnon

Fatima Lahmami Langlois

Alain Veillette
Foundation Coup de Coeur (FCC) is a non-profit organization (non-partisan and non-religious) established by a small group of retired professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The founders of the FCC devotes most of their volunteer time to humanitarian causes, exclusively to the most impoverished families of the third world (earning less than $1.50 per day).
Fondation Coup de Coeur is particularly interested in projects concerning water (water conveyance, rehabilitation and purification) and allocates 80% of its funds to the cause. FCC contributes up to 20% of its budget to humanitarian projects focused on education, health and the environment.

The Founders of the FCC are:

- Jean Gagnon established Safari Anticosti Inc., which he led as president from 1984 until 2008. Afterwards, he launched the Fondation Coup de Cœur, in Montréal, and he has effectively run the organization as President.

-Fatima Lahmami Langlois retired from Bell Canada in December 2011. Throughout her career at Bell, Ms. Langlois held several positions in telecommunications and was also a Senior Business Advisor. She dedicates her free time to philanthropy while assisting the Fondation Coup de Cœur in Montréal with the administrative duties as a co-founder and Director.

- Mr. Alain Veillette is Vice-President, Branch Director, Portfolio Manager, and Investment Advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management Securities. He is Vice-President and co-founder of the Fondation Coup de Cœur in Matane.

Ensuring that 1 000 000 people in developing countries have access to clean water and sanitation by 2025.
Based on the fact that access to potable water is a prerequisite for basic health and wellbeing, Fondation Coup de Coeur doubles its efforts to give this access to agricultural communities and schools. It isn't until they have access to potable water that these agricultural communities can take their socio-economic development into their own hands and achieve autonomy.


Through numerous partnerships, mainly with about 100 Rotary Clubs, multiple NGOs and religious communities, install water supply and filtration systems in many villages and schools in developing countries.
It should be noted that the capability and effort supplied by the villages and the schools committees  is the foundation of the success of establishment and permanence of our projects. These villages and schools committees who stand to benefit from these projects are our most important partners and are the building blocks of our work.

          The values that ensure the success of a project are:

     1)    Relevance                               2)    Transparency
Governance                            4)     lmpact  

                                5)    Sustainability 


If a partner who contributes financially to a project recommended to them by Fondation Coup de Coeur  is not satisfied with the project at the time of its completion (approximately 10 months post inception), the FCC will reimburse them their total investment.
Fondation Coup de Coeur  specializes in water conveyance and water filtration for villages and schools in the most disadvantaged places in developing countries. The FCC selects projects and local organizations who assure the installation, permanence and financing of the project; the participation of the FCC at every step is completely free of charge.

Because of our ambitious objective to bring potable water to 300 000 people by the year 2020, and the limited funding of  Fondation Coup de Coeur (approximately $400,000.00 per year) the FCC has had to find external sources of funding to meet its goals. The FCC has contacted hundreds of Foundations and NGOs to establish partnerships and has ultimately focused on several particular organizations, primarily Rotary Clubs, who have offered incredible financial leverage, thanks to their individual contributions, those of their districts, the International Rotary Foundation and their Global Grants.
Beyond their significant financial support, as the largest humanitarian organization in the world, with 35 000 clubs in 180 countries, Rotary International offers inestimable support through human resources with its 1 200 000 members, from which hundreds of thousands are experienced professionals and volunteers, happy to put their shoulder to the wheel.


Rregistration number: 84793 3371 RR0001

Fondation Coup de Coeur is mainly financed by a private company committed to contributing two hundred thousand dollars per year and by several friends who contribute a total of more than two hundred thousand dollars annually.
Thanks to the financial help provided by its multiple partnerships, FCC will manage to multiply its income and invest more than 5 million $ before 2020. Since FCC has no fundraising fees and its administration fees are slim and the administrative costs of the foundation are nearly non-existent, this five million dollars endowment is enough to fulfill their objective to offer access to potable water to 300 000 people by 2020.
A simple calculation tells us that it costs $15.00 to offer a human being potable water for a period of 15 to 20 years, or one dollar, per person, per year. Given that clean water is vital to good health, education and life itself, isn't ensuring its accessibility the best way to decrease human suffering?
One dollar per person, per year. Absolutely incredible!
For the organizations or individuals interested in partnering with us to establish current projects, the FCC would be happy suggest those that would be most relevant to you, as well as accompany you through each step of the project's development, etc., free of charge. 
On the other hand, if you have your own water project to submit to us, we would be happy to participate in any way we can provided that your projects conform to our mandates.

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    Numéro d’enregistrement: 84793 3371 RR0001