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Our Partners

Local Partners: 
Local partners are villages or schools in developing countries with the desire and ability to put into place a water conveyance or purification system. They are the cornerstone of our work.

Host Partners: 
Host partners are based in the region of the project itself and are Rotary Clubs, religious communities or NGOs that know and understand the environment and its needs and are able to set up the project and guarantee its sustainability. Host partners are the link between local and international partners and are the most important partners because they are the vital backbone on which the success of the whole operation depends.
International Partners: 
International partners are generally Canadian or American Rotary Clubs (mainly the Rotary Clubs of Montreal and Quebec) or religious communities  and NGO's that Validate the project and make the financial arrangements with Fondation Coup de Coeur. 

Here, in what  follows, you will find information regarding the role of Fondation Coup de Cœur.
FCC, at the very top of this pyramid, negotiates mainly with international partners. 

In the first phase, FCC evaluates a project according to the following criteria: 
1- Relevance – is the project suitable? 
2- Capacity – are the partners able to carry out the project?
3- Technical and financial viability – is the project feasible? 
4- Cohesion - what is the response strategy?
5- Efficiency – what resources will be used?
6- Impact – what impact will the project have?
7- Sustainability – is the project sustainable?

In the second phase, after the evaluation is carried out according to the above criteria, FCC decides if it will take part in the project and to what degree it will participate. 

In the third phase, FCC involves itself in all of the stages involved in setting up the project.

Finally, in the fourth phase, FCC ensures the project’s sustainability. This is considered the most important stage of the whole project.

FCC’s financial partners are those who wish to get involved with FCC to fund a project (Foundations, Corporations, Individuals etc.).
It is important to note that FCC acts as a consultant for its partners but on a voluntary basis. 100% of the money donated by all of the partners goes directly to the project.