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Project 2113 ....... India

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The project:

In the two villages of Bonala Kondapur and Indurhty in India, installation of two water purification systems and construction of the buildings that house them. Also, in the village of Rampur, in India as well, digging a well and installing an India # 2 hand pump.
The project, with a total cost of $ 29,100.00, will bring drinking water to more than 4,585 beneficiaries.

The request:

Hello Mr. Gagnon and Fatima,

Our Water Access Program Officer in India wrote to me yesterday with good news: the team has completed three more of your projects, funded by Mr. Marcel Baril.
This time, more than 4,585 people were helped! We are so grateful for that. 
Thank you very much to you and to Mr. Baril for your gesture of solidarity and humanity.
Each project has its story. Let me tell you about Shivaram, a young adult from one of the beneficiary villages: Shivaram comes from a poor family. He is an only child. His parents insisted, despite the additional cost to them, that he attends school. Shivaram is very grateful to his parents and he wanted to return the favor to them and this is through your access to water project he took action! Seeing all the problems he and his parents were having from drinking contaminated water and moreover, which contained too much fluoride, Shivaram approached the village mayor to make a difference. He had heard about SOPAR and the possibility of participating in a project leading to the installation of a water purification system.
He convinced the mayor to apply to SOPAR and played the leading role in this project from start to finish.
Here is his testimony: “This project will change the life of my parents and that of other families in my village. I'm glad I did something good for others. I'm proud of it and so are my parents. This project gave me the desire to get involved in my community and to ensure that our small poor village becomes a village where everyone lives with dignity and where people have better living conditions than present ”.
As you can see, your projects are making a real difference in people's lives! Better health, better hygiene but also, these projects allow the poorest villagers to take their future in hand and they give them the tools to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way.

On behalf of Shivaram, his family and other families helped, many thanks.

Janice Aubry
Program manager, SOPAR



Number of beneficiaries + 4 585 
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) + 596 591
Cumulative Beneficiaries Marcel & Luce Baril + 81 905
Total project cost $ 29,100.00
Beneficiaries in raw materials and labor $ 18,800.00
Marcel & Luce Baril $ 10,300.00
Fondation Coup de Cœur Consultants