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The project:

In the two villages of Dhannur and Kathwa in India, installation of two water purification systems and construction of the buildings that house them. In the village of Bathullapalli, also in India, digging a well and installing an India # 2 hand pump.
The project, with a total cost of $ 29,100.00, will bring drinking water to more than 2,340 beneficiaries.

The request:

Hello Mr. Gagnon and Fatima,

I am writing to you today with good news !! I have just received information and photos of three great projects that have emerged thanks to your Foundation and thanks to the great generosity of Mr Baril, one of your donors. Also, I am pleased to inform you that 2,340 new people now have easy and affordable access to water.
Many villages want our support to help them solve their water challenges. We prioritize those in the most urgent situation and this is the case for the 3 villages chosen here: the spring water that the villagers drink in two of the villages contains twice as much fluoride than the maximum acceptable amount allowed. This has serious consequences for their health. Our field agents tell us that many villagers suffer from skeletal and dental fluorosis.
The 3rd village helped does not have a well nearby and women and children had to walk several kilometers to get water each day.
So, your water purification systems and well projects mean better health, better education and increased income. But that's not all, as Mr. B. Sattaiah, mayor of Kathwa, one of the assisted villages, says: “This project is ours. We take care of it and manage it with the support of SOPAR. And that gives us great pride! Our village is very small and poor but despite that, we are able to mobilize and change things ”.
As you know, the active participation of beneficiaries is one of the pillars of our approach. This participation, the sustainability of our projects ensure that the donation of your donors translates into a concrete investment with the potential to break the circle of poverty.

Thank you for being part of our mission.
Thank you for your valuable partnership.

Janice Aubry
Program manager, SOPAR



Number of beneficiaries + 2 340 
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) + 592 006
Cumulative Beneficiaries Marcel & Luce Baril + 77 320
Total project cost $ 29,100.00
Beneficiaries in raw materials and labor $ 18,800.00
Marcel & Luce Baril $ 10,300.00
Fondation Coup de Cœur Consultants