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Project 2109 India

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The project:

In the two villages of Kishtapuram and Ellandakunta in India, installation of two water purification systems and construction of the buildings that house them. Also, in the village of Pittalagudem, also in India, digging a well and installing an India # 2 hand pump.
The project, with a total cost of $ 29,100.00, will bring drinking water to more than 3,975 beneficiaries.

The request:

Dear Mr. Gagnon and dear Fatima,

You told us some time ago of a new donation from Mr. Marcel Baril for water access projects in the villages where we work in India. I am pleased to write to you today to let you know that these projects are complete. In fact, as you will see in the project report, 3,975 new people now have access to water thanks to the Coup de Cœur Foundation and Mr. Baril.
Soujanya and her three daughters (who you see in one of the photos) are among the villagers who now have easy and affordable access to purified water in Kishtapuram village. They are a perfect example of how access to water really changes people's lives.
Soujanya is a widow and she needs the support of her daughters to make ends meet. Until now, her daughters were responsible for fetching water, a task that meant they had to be absent from school regularly. It had a negative impact on their school performance and Soujanya was sorry about it, but had no other choice. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, access to water takes on a new importance for this family: easy access to water allows everyone to wash their hands regularly. This reassures Soujanya because she says that she cannot afford to get sick and miss work and she wants, at all costs, that her daughters be safe from this virus which has already taken the lives of people. in the surroundings.
Mr. Baril's donation changes lives and will save lives in today's environment.

On behalf of de Soujanya, his daughters and all those helped, I urge you to thank him warmly.
Our sincere thanks also go to your Foundation, which made these projects possible.

Janice Aubry
Program manager, SOPAR



Number of beneficiaries +3 975
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) +587 166
Cumulative Beneficiaries Marcel & Luce Baril +74 980
Total project cost $ 29,100.00
Beneficiaries in raw materials and labor $ 18,800.00
Marcel & Luce Baril $ 10,300.00
Fondation Coup de Cœur Consultants