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Project 2108 ....... Cambodia

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The project:

In the village of Cham Bok in Cambodia, manual digging of a well giving access to drinking water.
At a cost of $ 500 this well will serve more than 325 beneficiaries.

The request:

From: Pierre-Jacques Gervais, CASIRA
To: Fondation Coup de Coeur 

Hello Fatima and Jean

After a one-year hiatus caused by an uncertain political climate due to the national elections in the country in July 2018, Casira's mission in Cambodia continues in 2020. No less than 56 volunteers spread over six sites across the country will work from January 9 to February 16, 2020 to various support projects for local organizations that ensure the well-being and development of the country's children. Then to actions to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities.
It is for this reason that we are submitting for 2020 a request for financial assistance of $ 500 for a water access project in the village of Cham Bok in Cambodia. Here are the details:
Project to dig a well in Cham Bok village in Cambodia.à
Cham Bok village is a small community of 65 families (approximately 325 people) located some 70 kilometers from Kampong Cham town. Casira is already working there with the village authorities to help poor families and promote children's school attendance. For example, in 2020 we funded health services to people in need and purchased school materials for the small village primary school. A budget of $ 500 has been allocated to these aids.
In addition, we ask for your collaboration in the digging of a well which would be done on the land of Yem Rake's family. The well would be excavated and solidified by cement structures. A digging depth of 9 meters is planned. This well could serve Yem's family and those of the 7 families of his closest neighbors. Thus, no less than 47 people could benefit from it because the small stream that these families currently use is threatened with drying up every year. In addition, the quality of the water there is very questionable. The digging could be done next January. A Cambodian collaborator of Casira, An Sok Leap who lives in the region, would coordinate the work. Already the village chief, Chay Pit, is happy to note that a foreign organization is sensitive to the living conditions of the inhabitants of his village. Our wish is to obtain an aid of US $ 350 from you to finance the entire project. Of course, Casira would ensure the realization of this project and provide you with photos during the work and beneficiary families where your name and logo would be highlighted. Then, the mention of your collaboration would be underlined in the official report of this 10th mutual aid mission in Cambodia which will be deposited in Casira.
You now know the main lines of this project, which would help ensure access to quality water for these families in the Cham Bok village. I am currently in Cambodia and remain available to answer your questions.
Wishing once again a favorable reception from your Foundation to this project in support of Casira's actions in Cambodia for the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged communities, I ask you to accept my cordial greetings,

Pierre-Jacques Gervais

Responsible for Casira's mutual aid projects in Cambodia



Number of beneficiaries +325
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC)  583 191
Total project cost $ 500.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 500.00