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Project 2007 ....... Peru

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    South America

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The project:

In the village of Villa Los Angeles in Peru, installation of a pumping system, burial of a 2 inch PVC water line over a length of 2 kilometers,  repair of a 20,000 liters capacity water tank, and redistribution of water throughout the village.
The project, with a total cost of $ 163,200.00, will provide drinking water to more than 800 people.

The request:

From: Jean Gagnon, Fondation Coup de Coeur
To: Yves Fecteau,  Rotary Club  of Québec

Good day Yves,

I hope you are well.

I have just received a report of all the humanitarian projects that you have implemented in Togo, Nicaragua, Guatemala and elsewhere and I am very impressed. Bravo for your exceptional achievements!
I received yesterday from Beryozka Camacho of the Rotary Club of Barranca in Peru, a request for funding for a major water project with a total cost of $ 163,200.00 which would provide drinking water to more than 800 inhabitants. Would you like to take a look at this project and tell me if, with your Rotary Club of Quebec, would be interested in taking charge of this project and taking care of the financing?

I await your response quickly and thank you for your always expeditious and professional collaboration.

Jean Gagnon, 
President Fondation Coup de Coeur
Member of  the Montreal Rotary Club  
Chair Intlernation Service Committee 

The funding:


Number of beneficiaries +800
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) 308 074
Total project cost $ 163,200.00
The  Rotary Foundation $ 61,300.00
Rotary District 7790 $  13,300.00
Rotary Club Québec $ 13,300.00
Rotary Club Montreal Lakeshore  $ 13,300.00 
Rotary Club New Port Balboa  $ 2,000.00
Rotary District 5320  $ 2,000.00
Fondation Louise Grenier  $ 2,560.00
Claude and Francine  $ 8,560.00
Montreal Rotary Club
Les Ailes de l'Espérance
Fondation Coup de Coeur
$ 55,180.00