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Project 1913 ....... Peru

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    South America

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The project:

In the village of Canuja, Atalaya province in Peru, about 30 minutes by boat to the south on the Tambo River, construction of a dam, grounding of a water line from the dam to the village and distribution of water to the 56 families of the village.
The project, at a total cost of $ 167,900, will provide drinking water to more than 350 beneficiaries.

The request:

Good day Jean and Fatima,

First of all, thank you again for the many financial supports you bring to our water projects year after year.
We are coming back to your help again, this time for the village of Canuja in Atalaya province in Peru. 
This project, which will provide drinking water to more than 350 people, will reach a total cost of $ 167,900 and as the beneficiaries will provide the labor and materials for a total of $ 63,800, we still have to find the $ 104,100 funding.
The villagers live off fishing and their small farming. They sell the surplus of their production to the markets of Atalaya. People consume water from the river which causes them serious health problems. The Claretian missionary, Padre Rosendo, who travels around the region, invited our field team to go to Canuja to learn about the situation and develop the project.
The surrounding hills and water sources allow for the construction of a gravity-fed drinking water system.
The purpose of the project is obviously to improve the health and hygiene of the population and to make the life of these farmers easier, mainly that of women. Also, access to clean water allows everyone to recover their dignity.
Regarding the sustainability of the project, a drinking water committee has already been formed and the community is happy to provide all the unskilled labor, which means, among other things, hundreds of hours of work only for digging long trenches to install the pipes. Several meetings are planned with the committee and the whole community to learn how to use water and talk about hygiene. Two operators chosen by the community will be trained for the proper maintenance of the system.

In anticipation of your decision for a partnership for financial support in this project, we remain available to answer your questions.

Thank you and see you soon.

André Franche
The Wings of Hope



Number of beneficiaries +350
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) 260 033
Total project cost $ 167,900.00
Beneficiaries in raw materials and labor $ 63,800.00
Multiple Investors  $ 103,050.00
Rotary Club of Montréal $ 350.00
Fondation Louise Grenier $ 350.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 350.00