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Project 1650 ....... Nicaragua

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    Central America

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The project:

In the three Indian villages of Miskito of Saupuka, Wasla and Bachilay in Nicaragua, digging of 100 wells by installing culverts and construction of 100 latrines. The entire facility will cost $ 106,000.00 and serve a population of 5 200 inhabitants.

The request:

Hi Jean and Fatima, I hope you are doing well.

Hereby, I once again appeal to your generosity to fill a shortfall of US $ 3,000.00 to our $106,000.00 US  budget to undertake a major water supply project and the construction of latrines in the Northeast region of Nicaragua. Beneficiaries will participate voluntarily to the digging and filling of the trenches and to the digging of wells. A minimal cost will be paid by users and the money raised will be used to ensure the maintenance and sustainability of the project. We made multiple efforts through our friends in Québec and Bangor and now appeal to you to complete the missing amount. A positive response from your foundation would help us greatly and allow us to undertake the work quickly.

Thank you for your unfailing cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yves Fecteau
President of the International Committee
Rotary Club of Québec

Translated by Arielle Rakoto

Financial contributions:

Number of beneficiaries 5 200
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC)  118 982
Total project cost $ 106,000.00
The Rotary Foundation $ 43,600.00
District 7090 $ 25,000.00
Multiple Rotary Clubs  $ 31,400.00
Québec Rotary Club $ 3,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 3,000.00