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Project 1641 ....... Uganda

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The project:

In the Sironko area, Uganda: repair, improvement and expansion of water supply system, replacement of broken pipes, adding 15 points to the existing 82 water points and installation of retaining walls to keep up the main pipe due to soil erosion.
The construction and upgrading of this infrastructure will be carried out at total cost of US $ 153.472 and will provide drinking water to more than 11 000 people.

The request:

This is to invite you to participate financially with several other Rotary clubs in the completion of a water supply project in Sironko region in Uganda, this project will provide drinking water to thousands of villagers. 
The project, under the governance of the RURMOR NGO, an organization led by more than a hundred women will be in partnership with the Rotary Club of M'bale, which will serve as Host Club.
As this project will benefit more than 11,000 people, its impact will be significant throughout the region. As for sustainability, it will be ensured by a management committee composed of leading members of RURMOR.
The total project cost is $ 153,472.00 US, and we thought that your Foundation Featured could invest US $ 5,000.00 in this business that will be so vital for the people of Sironko.

Pending a positive response from you, I remain available to answer all your questions.

Bertrand de Cardaillac
Chairman of the International Action Committee,
Rotary Club of Montreal

Translated by Alexa Antoniazzi

Financial contributions:

Number of  beneficiarees  11000
Total project cost $ 153 ,472.00
The Rotary Foundation $ 51,800.00
District 7040 $ 25,000.00
District 3030 $ 3,000.00
Rotary Club of Montreal $ 13,000.00
Water Mission  $ 26,082.00
Grundfos Canada $ 6,400.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 5,000.00