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Project 1627 ....... India

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The drilling of a well, equipped with a hand pump, for the Dornakal school in the Indian state of Telangana. The school has 250 students and 8 teachers.

The request:

November 20, 2015

De: Yves Fecteau      Rotary Club of Québec
To: Jean and Fatima   Fondation Coup de Coeur

Hello Jean and Fatima:

I thought I would give you some news, since we have not spoken in a couple of weeks.
Everything is going well on my end. I have good news concerning our water projects in Villa Calipso, Peru and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We should receive final approval for these projects in a few weeks.
Allow me to take this opportunity to make a small request: We received a grant of $850 from Ms. Nicole Lagacé, principal of École secondaire de Rochebelle, to build a well for a small school in Dornakal, India. The school has 250 students and the service provider would be the SOPAR Foundation.
I thought you would like to contribute $400 to this project for I know you regard SOPAR highly and often work with them. I would like to hear your positive reply as soon as possible, since I have to give my answer this week.
On behalf of myself and Club Rotary de Québec, I thank you again for your constant collaboration,

Yves Fecteau
PPDG District Rotary 7790

Translated by Craig Collins

Financial contributions:


Nomber of beneficiaries 258
Total  project cost $ 850.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur  $ 400.00
Rotary Club  of Québec $ 450.00