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Project 1621 ....... Bolivia

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    South America

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The project:

Construction of a water tower with a capacity of 10,000 liters, built at a height of 2.85 mt in replacement of an old cement surface reservoir, rendered obsolete by time and inadequate to meet the farm needs in the village of Villagrande in Bolivia.

The request:

Dear Mr. Gagnon and Madame Langlois,

My name is MARC-ANDRÉ ALAIN and I am a retired Quebec public administrator, member of the Administrative Council for the Centre de Solidarité Internationale Corcovado, head of the voluntary construction project for the CASIRA project in Guatemala and manager of the volunteer group for Corcovado in Guatemala, Cambodia, Laos and Panama. I am currently involved with a voluntary construction project which will commence work in January 2016 in Vallegrande in Bolivia.
On behalf of the Centre de Solidarité Corcovado, I am writing to you both to request funding for a building project to provide a water tower with a 10,000 litre capacity in the village of Vallegrande in Bolivia.
The total cost of the project is $3,000.00, which will provide drinking water to 98 children from the NGO Enfants de Bolivie as well as 30 teenagers living permanently on the farm which feeds the orphanage. Enfants de Bolivie ( is a non-profit organisation created to help young orphaned boys and children who have either been abandoned or cannot be looked after by their families. Funds collected by this organisation are used to give these young people an education as well as providing accommodation and food.
Essentially, this consists of putting Don Bosco’s philosophy into practice through simple, humble hard-work. His philosophy is that: “Educating people, is about loving people as they are and not as how we’d like them to be. Every educator must continuously learn to mourn over their own projects they hope for a young person if they want to help them to build their own future.”
The person in charge for the set-up of the project in Vallegrande is Mr. Yvon Sabourin – founder and director of Enfants de Bolivie. He will also be managing the building and durability of the new water tower.
I personally will send you copies of the photos taken during the building of the project as well as the unveiling ceremony.

We hope that you can take part in this project - something which is very close to my heart.

Your humanitarian partner,
Centre de Solidarité Corcovado

Translated thanks to  Elizabeth Arif-Fear

Financial contributions:

Number of beneficiaries  128
Total project cost $ 3,000.00
Enfants de Bolivie  $ 500.00
Corcovado  $ 1,250.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 1,250.00