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Project 1615 ....... Madagascar

Sœur Goretti devant son lycée
Sœur Goretti devant son lycée

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The project:

Due to damage caused by lightning and a cyclone, the water tower and sanitary facilities located at St. Trinity High School of Andraimasina, Madagascar are in need of repairs and electrical installations—facilities that are used by 700 students and teachers.

The request:

November 11, 2014 

Subject: Project at St. Trinity High School Andraimasina 

Dr. Maurice Collins,
Foundation Coup de Coeur,
All members of the Rotary Club
Dear Benefactors, 

Hello, I hope that you all are well. Here in Madagascar, the rain has begun to fall. What joy it brings for farmers and especially those who suffer from drought.
I hereby would like to convey: 
1. Our joy of having had a visit from Dr. Collins and his son, which has brought us a renewed sense of strength, enthusiasm and energy. 
2. His reassurance in our hopes of raising enough money for the much needed repairs to the damaged water supply and sanitary units that service 700 students. We understand that raising the necessary funds can be difficult, so we are very grateful for his courage and perseverance. His testament and commitment lead us forward in confidence and to give the best of ourselves so that your donations are truly beneficial to those in need. 
3. Our invitation to the 60th anniversary celebration of the establishment in 2015. We hope with all our heart, that the restoration of the water supply and the sanitary facilities is the highlight of this event. We welcome you to celebrate this joy with us. You will receive official invitations shortly. 
Once again, I would like to express our sincere thanks and prayers to our gracious benefactors.  

Sister Marie Goretti Ravoniarisoa 
St. Trinity High School Administration
Andraimasina, Antsirabe, Madagascar

Translated by Rupa Sehgal

Financial Contributions:


Number of beneficiaries 700+
Total project cost $ 45,000.00
Club Rotary Romans $ 7,000.00
Club Rotary Grenoble Belledonne $ 5,000.00
Rotary Districts  & Rotary Foundation  $ 31,600.00
The Rotary Club of Montreal $ 700.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 700.00