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The project:

Construction of a concrete tank of 60 cubic meters to capture rainwater from the roofs of school buildings, installation of a water filtration system and the installation of a piping network for primary school Bisengo Mwambe in DRC, in order to serve 600 students and indirectly, a population of 12,000 people.

The request:

February 18th, 2016
Mr Jean Gagnon, 
President Fondation Coup de Cœur 


It was a pleasure to speak to you over the phone last Tuesday. I would like to thank sister Chrétien for letting us know about your Foundation Coup de Coeur and for allowing us this exchange.
In response to the welcome that you have expressed towards the Institute of the Consolata Missionaries, I am sending you a water project to be conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a tank project for the Bisengo Mwambe school. Please see the attached file for a description of the project, its history, its environment, its objectives and the financial arrangements.
I will let you take a look and come back to me on this opportunity to participate.
Thank you for your openness to a possible collaboration. Looking forward to a future meeting.

Michèle Bertrand, Project Manager
Consolata Missionaries

You will find, following the financial contributions below, a full description of the project.

Translated by Arielle Rakoto

Financial contributions:


Nomber of beneficiaries 12,000
Total project cost $ 24,200.00
Hall Notre Dame( IMC Montréal) $16,000.00
Congregation of the Oblates of Bethany   (C.O.B.) $ 6,000.00
School of Bisengo Mwambé  $ 1,100.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur  $ 6,900.00

Full project description :

The Bikuku Kimbanseke neighborhood where is located the Bisego Mwambe school is in semi-urban areas in the city/province of Kinshasa, capital of DRC.
For the school population of primary school Bisengo Mwambe, the lack of drinking water is a serious problem. Indeed, a lack of hygiene is observed and many infectious diseases affect the children.
The school is located in semi-urban areas. Although close to the large urban area of Kinshasa, the area is not served by any basic services: there is no running water, no health center, no decent roads. Schools in the region are not supplied with drinking water. It goes without saying that poverty is rampant.
Supply of drinking fountains for students and teachers; Bring water to the building provided for the installation of toilets for use by students and teachers; 
Allow the teaching of hygiene and its importance to students;
Enable better maintenance of the school;
Reduce infectious diseases in the school population (target 60% reduction of absenteeism due to illness);
Reduction of soil erosion around the school.
Building a concrete tank of 60 m3 and capture rainwater from the roofs of school buildings;
Install a system for filtering rainwater collected for drinking and piping necessary to deliver it;
Make water available for various school needs (health, fountains etc .)
The 600 students in the school;
The 16 members of teaching staff;
Parents of students.
All the locals, about 12 000 people as follows: 4600 children, 1500 men, 2800 women, 2700 young people, 
400 elderly.
Primary School Bisengo Mwambe has an amount of $ 1,100.00 as financial participation.
The local community will ensure unskilled workforce and assume its current expenses (food and water, etc.). The sand will be local contribution.
The sustainability of the project will be provided by the collaboration between the school management committees, parents and members of the local community which will establish a mechanism to ensure the maintenance and sustainability of infrastructures. Operating costs will be borne by the parents of students. 
The estimated cost is about US $ 300 per month or 276,000 CFA (about 0.69 C $ per child per month).
The organization responsible for the project will be the Institute of the Consolata Missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the manager will be father Symphorien Fumwasendji Kapumba, IMC. 
The Project Manager is committed to provide you with a comprehensive final report in the first months of the project.

Michèle Bertrand, Project Manager

Translated by Arielle Rakoto