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Project 1607 ....... Togo

Marais de Kpetavi
Marais de Kpetavi
Marais d`Agotime
Marais d`Agotime

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The project:

Drilling of a well which will serve 5,000 inhabitants in the villages of Agotime and Kpetavi in Togo 

The request:

January 12, 2016
Mr Jean Gagnon, president
Foundation Coup de Cœur

Mr Gagnon,

To start off the new year, I wish you health, peace and serenity on behalf of the members on the Board of Directors of the Fondation Danielle and Michel Mathieu.
I want to thank you again for your financial support of 2015 which went towards the making of furniture for students and the teachers at the school in Foguegue. The 150 pairs of reading glasses that you donated have now been distributed, and they have improved the lives of all the beneficiaries.
For 2016, our project will be much more modest. We want to drill a well that will be shared by the 5,000 inhabitants of the villages of Agotime and Kpetavi in Togo.
We are looking to continue our partnership to finance this new project. Already Minta St-Bruno has promised to pay $ 2,000 next May. You talked to us about a possible contribution of $ 5,000. On our side we are soliciting our usual donors and are sure to quickly raise the necessary funding to carry out this project. Together, we will give this population permanent access to drinking water.
The sustainability of this project will be ensured by the establishment of a Joint Committee composed of 5 members trained to be responsible for the management of water use and maintenance of the well.
Once again we solicit your support.  Thank you again for your confidence in us. The population of these villages is counting on us!
The attached photos show the current situation in the villages of Agotime and Kpetavi. Pending a positive response, I send you Mr. Gagnon, my most cordial greetings.

Michel Mathieu

Tanslated by Michelle Atherly

Financial contributions:


Number of beneficiaries  5000 people
Total project cost  $ 27,000.00
Fondation Danielle et Michel Mathieu  $ 20,000.00
Minta Saint Bruno $ 2,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur  $ 5,000.00

Additional information:

Since its inception in 2004 the Foundation Danielle and Michel Mathieu has carried out projects in Mali and Togo. In summary the projects were: 3 wells, a literacy and micro-credit project for women in 6 villages in the Dogon Plateau, the construction of 2 schools and making of school furniture for students and teachers. These projects have filled the basic needs of rural populations in West Africa. They are the result of a partnership with Malian, Togolese and Quebecer organisations that collaborated together in a mutual confidence supported by generous donors.