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Projet 1436 ....... Malawi

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Fournir de l'eau potable à 15 communautés rurales

De: Anthony Clarke  
à:  Jean Gagnon Fatima
Date:  16 mai 2014 12:40 
Objet:  Re: Water Project 

Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County
District 7620
Dear Jean Gagnon & Fatima Lahmami Langlois
Foundation Coup de Coeur

Thank you very much for your recent communications and your interest in our water project in Malawi Africa In 2010 our Rotary Club initiated a water project that centered around the Nhekhamenya Village south of Mzuzu in Northern Malawi. Raising $10,000 a mechanical bore-hole well was installed in September of that year. The well had an immediate impact on the attendance of the primary girls school nearby increasing attendance from 750 to 850 within the first 4 year solel because of the availability of safe, clean accessible water.
Following a site visit the following year a plan was put together identifying many more villages and schools that were in desperate need of water and sanitation within a 30-mile radius of the original bore hole site. 
Working with the Mzuzu University Center for Excellence in Water and Sanitation and in particular  Jim McGill in Mzuzu, Phase 2 was put together with a budget of $75,000 to install a mix of hand dug rope pump wells and hand drilled Afridiv pump wells at 15 locations with an overall impact on water access, cleanliness and sanitation for an estimate 5,000 people.
Phase 2 was to be funded by US dollars raised by the international club South Anne Arundel County, MD and matched by a Global Grant to complete the budget.
Relationships had been formed and other organizations had heard about the project and wanted to support it. “Aqua For All” from the Netherlands jumped in and matched all of the funds we could raise in order to complete the project as designed. At this time we have raised $32,637.75 of the $37,500 needed and our still actively visiting other rotary clubs to encourage their partnership and support for this project.
In addition to this project providing clean water and sanitation there is also another unique sustainability aspect to its focus. As a result the relationship with the University it is intended to use this project as a training platform for local community people to learn the process of how to drill, install and maintain wells. Incorporating the services of an expert driller from Tanzania with experience of drilling over 1,000 wells, Mr. Laban Kaduma has spent time with each driller at each of their drilling sites. This exchange has proved invaluable in the long-term building of local enterprise. Some of the wells you will see completed in this project will be the work of new companies learning their trade so that they can go on to drill more wells on an individual financial basis. 
I have provided some additional facts and some photographs of already completed wells at some of the locations below.
I thank you for any support you can offer and would be honored to have your organization as a partner on this and future water and sanitation projects in Malawi. I congratulate you and your team on the great work you are doing around the world.

Best Regards,
Anthony Clarke
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Nombre de bénéficiaires 5 000 personnes
Coût total du projet $ 75,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur  $ 1,500.00
South Anne Arundel County et autres  $36, 000.00
Aqua For All from the Netherlands  $ 37,500.00