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Fournir de l'eau potable aux écoles publiques de Katmandou

May 13, 2014
Dear Jean and Fatima
As you know, Splash is working in Nepal to secure clean water (as well as effective hygiene education) in the public schools of Kathmandu. Our goal is 100% coverage of the public schools, and we are approximately 25% of the way there today.
We understand that Fondation Coup de Coeur is very concerned about the long-term impact of its projects, and we share with you this concern. In fact for every school we work in, we make a ten-year commitment to ensure that safe water is flowing; spare parts are in stock; technical support is available; local Splash Nepal employees are responsive; and that the solution lasts for the long-term.
Every Splash project is tracked on the following platform: I encourage you to visit this site, select “Nepal,” and see each site we are working on.
The total cost of each project is approximately $9,000 (US) and includes water purification, drinking water stations, hand washing stations, and hygiene education – plus a ten-year commitment to be sure the solution takes hold and lasts (well beyond ten years). If you are able to make a $1,000 gift toward one of these sites, it would be an incredible gift.

Also, information about our program in Nepal is here:
Please receive my very best wishes, as well as my gratitude for considering Splash among all the wonderful organizations and projects you support.
All the best,
Peter Drury
Director of Strategy


Nombre de bénéficiaires 750 personnes
Coût total du projet $ 9,000.00
Splash $ 8,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 1,000.00