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Projet 1429 ....... Burkina Faso

La quête de l'eau......
La quête de l'eau......

Et ça prend deux!
Et ça prend deux!

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    Burkina Faso

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Forage de deux puits pour l'école primaire Reo et le village de Polesgo au Burkina Faso

Hello Jean

It was a pleasure speaking with you.  Below is a description of the project that I was explaining to you.
This project is beginning this week. The Rotary Club that we are working with will organize the communities, do that actual physical implementation of the wells, do all of the WASH training and will monitor and assist the communities into the future. The club is able to do all of the work as well as keep the overall project costs down. The total project cost is $36,276.75. We have just begun our fundraising to go towards this project so your one thousand dollar donation would get us off to a good start.
We can talk more in June about putting you in touch with the club to possibly do a bigger project in the future with them.
If there is anything else that I can help with, please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Thanks a lot for your collaboration.

Mark Hreljac
Project Manager
Ryan's well Foundation

Project Description:
Excitement is in the air for these two new projects in Burkina Faso! It's easy to see why: two brand new water sources will provide clean water for a community and school for years to come.
Polesgo Village is located on the outskirts of Ouagadougou, where Ryan’s Well has completed previous water and sanitation work with SOS Children’s Village. The current water site is no longer sufficient to ensure everyone has clean water; SOS has worked closely with both Rotary and the community to organize and implement this project.
Reo Primary School is located a few hours west of Ouagadougou, just north of the town of Koudougou. The primary school and surrounding community currently use a dug well for water; which goes dry in the dry season and the water quality, when it is available, is poor. The old dug well has been in use for over 40 years. Time for a change, and a healthier future for these children and their families.
This project will be implemented by the Rotary (Crystal) Club out of Ouagadougou. Ryan’s Well has done previous work with this club, which has vast experience in both the physical implementation of the project as well as the experience needed in community mobilization and WASH training.
The community of Polesgo will own this project by forming a community water committee, as will the primary school representatives of Reo and the surrounding community. Deep wells will be drilled at both locations, and the necessary training needed regarding maintenance and repairs will be delivered.
Thanks to your support, clean water will be available to this community year round, and will last well into the future. Please follow along as we share regular updates; after all, these are your projects too!
Project Deliverables: Two deep wells, community mobilization to form water committees, repair, maintenance and WASH training.

Mark Hreljac | Project Manager | Ryan's Well Foundation 


Nombre de bénéficiaires 2000 personnes+
Coût total du projet  $ 36,276.75
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 1,000.00
Ryan's Well Foundation $ 35,276.75